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Deborah Dunham is a professional fine-art photographer focusing on animals, animal rights, and ultimately closing the disconnect between how humans think and feel and act towards all animals. Deborah's work showcases the spirit, emotions, and personalities of animals and weaves in education and inspiration for a healthier co-existence in our world.

Deborah believes that most people know peripherally about what happens to animals in our world who are used for food, clothing, entertainment, and household goods, but that's as far as they want to look. People don't really understand how these animals are treated in order to be used by humans, and the destruction this causes to them, their species, and our planet.

Deborah's journey to help bridge this gap began several years ago when she was photographing cows at a local farm. One calf kept following her around and staring at her -- making him a great model for her photos. Deborah named him Mick Jagger because of his strong demeanor and style. When she inquired about Mick and the other cows there, Deborah found out they were soon getting sold to a factory farm in the midwest where the goal would be to fatten them up before slaughter. Instead of living a full life of 15-20 years at this farm with his family, Mick's life would likely end around 18 months. Not only that, he would be transported across the country in an overcrowded truck unable to move or lie down. This is the way his life would finish out in a factory farm too with no room to roam, no interaction with other animals, and subjected to misery and ultimately the fear of being forced to walk into the slaughter line. Deborah was devastated and tried to buy this calf from the farmer in order to keep him there, but she was turned down. It was then that she began to really look at what people know.

Deborah's goal with her work isn't to shame people or show images that will make them look away. Her goal is to shine a light on the spirit and personality of these animals and allow us to feel more connected to sharing the planet with them.

Because of her passion for helping animals, Deborah offers free photography services to animal sanctuaries across the county and to working dogs with the military or police. These images can be used by them for social media, website, and marketing to aid in their cause and mission.

Deborah also donates 50% of the profits from print sales back to these organizations so they can care for their animals. So please purchase a print from her shop

When Deborah is not traveling, behind the camera, or in her studio processing images, she can be found on the road running and biking. A lifelong athlete and activist, Deborah is the founder of two nonprofit organizations that have impacted thousands of youth lives over the last 15 years. She is also a wife of 27 years to her fellow traveling and running husband, and a proud mother to two sons -- a creative genius and entrepreneur, and a United States Marine.

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