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I hope you enjoy my travels around beautiful Oregon! I would be honored if you wanted my artwork in your home. I have samples available of each option and can create other custom sizes if need be.

Print options (includes shipping but not tax):

Acrylic -- high gloss printed on acrylic surface

12"x18" -- $193

16"x24" -- $240

Metal -- printed on flat metal for a sleek, contemporary look

8"x12" -- $131

12"x18" -- $162

16"x24" -- $203

20"x30" -- $333

Framed -- flat wood frame with matting and acrylic face

12"x18" -- $194

16"x24" -- $231

20"x30" -- $355

Fine art paper -- print that is ready to frame on your own, mounted on 2mm foam so it won't warp or bend.

8"x12"-- $98

12"x18" -- $122

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